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Why Work with a Microdose Coach

To get the most out of your microdosing program, the most important thing to keep in mind is one aspect of the nature of psychedelics: they are master facilitators of neuroplasticity.  Meaning they prime your brain for new neural pathways.  This is why you can find testimonials claiming microdosing can do everything from helping with depression and anxiety, to assisting with focus, to leading to breakthroughs with creativity and productivity.  And also why you may find that science has not been able to replicate or figure out all this anecdotal evidence.  

Taking Advantage of Neuroplasticity

The key to really taking advantage of this neuroplastic state is all about intention.  You are in control of how you want to improve.  You need to be intentional about the reasons for including your microdosing regimen in your life right now and hold that intention as you go throughout your days.  If you just pop a capsule without any real intention behind it, you'll just continue to get what you've always gotten.  You'll be strengthening the neural pathways that already exist.

Proceeding Safely

Another thing to recognize about the nature of psychedelics is that they are referred to as 'non-specific amplifiers.'  What this means is that they have a tendency to amplify whatever might be prominent for you at the moment.  Hopefully, what's prominent is your focus on your intention; however, sometimes, our subconscious has other ideas.  Psilocybin mushrooms especially seem to be great amplifiers of emotions.  This can lead to greater feelings of empathy and connection with others, but it may also lead to intensified feelings of anxiety if there is a strongly stressful situation in your life currently.

(This is different than general or social anxiety, which is often the result of unhelpful, repetitive thought patterns.  General or social anxiety can often be greatly helped with some intentional neuroplastic re-wiring, but external situations might just require time until they pass, until a resolution is found, or until your mindset shifts.)  

Basically, it's important to recognize that these are not 'happy pills.'  You cannot take a microdose and expect to forget about your problems. You might actually experience the opposite effect.  This 'happy pill' idea is the same problem thinking that can lead to the dreaded 'bad trip' when taking higher doses of psychedelics. And although these substances can help you reframe and rewrite a problem so it doesn't cause you as much discomfort, you have to move through the discomfort to get there.  So, it's important to be mindful.  Practice self-care and be aware of any heightened emotions that may be trying to direct your attention to something that needs to be addressed.  Recognize that it's important to face stressful situations head-on rather than trying to avoid them. 

Working with a Coach

As your coach, I can help you find your intention and provide you with tools to reinforce it throughout your microdosing experience. It's also my job to ensure you are in a good place to proceed with a microdosing protocol, and I will help you find the appropriate dose and dosage schedule. I'll also be here to guide you through any challenging feelings that may arise and help you navigate any challenges.

Our program

Our 4-week microdosing program includes three calls and three one-on-one meetings to provide you with the support you need and the accountability to keep you on track. We also provide you with samples of different dosages and herbal blends to help you find what works best for you.

Additionally, if you like data (like me!) and want to really see what your neuroplastic brain can do, you can choose to rent a Muse headband during the course. This headband can help you train your brain for meditation and sleep.

Find out more information here.


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