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About Us

Thomas and Rebekah Hanks are active, health-conscious people who are passionate about educating others and helping them reach their true potential.


Rebekah spent the last 20 years building a successful corporate career in engineering and instructional design but found that she was out of alignment with her values and only staying the course for the security that the corporate world provided. She started to experience a decline in health and eventually decided that part of the path toward healing would require a shift in career focus. She is hoping to use what she has learned on her own healing journey to help others achieve optimal wellness in all aspects of life.

Thomas has tried on many professional hats in his career path but never found one that fit quite right.  After suffering from several on-the-job injuries that kept him from doing the activities that he enjoyed, he decided it was time to shift gears to something that would allow him to help others while also giving him the freedom and physical and emotional health that was lacking in his daily grind. He discovered breathwork as a way to help his fitness and was also excited to find the power it holds as a healing modality. After practicing on his own for several years, he took the plunge and became a certified breathwork instructor. He has been passionate about sharing his knowledge with others ever since.

About Veil Shift

Both Thomas and Rebekah have been using psychedelics as a catalyst for change and personal growth for several years. They have found that altered states can be a powerful tool in overcoming limiting beliefs, addressing trauma, and generating creative solutions to some of life’s curve balls. They have also done extensive experimentation with microdosing and exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness without substances, such as what can be achieved through breathwork, movement, and meditation. They hope to shift cultural beliefs regarding non-ordinary states and help others recognize how they can be used in safe and meaningful ways to create positive change in people's lives.

We help clients use altered states of consciousness for personal growth and healing. 

We focus on substance-free and "substance-light" altered states to help facilitate life changes.

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  1. We create a safe space.

  2. We will support you on your unique journey.

  3. We will do our best to provide you with the information you need to help you meet your goals.




We are here to guide you on a personalized journey to deep healing and personal growth. Book a discovery call to see how we can help.

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